Some of Europe’s best, and most famous surf spots are right before your very eyes…


The house overlooks this right hand reef break that works from 4 to 20 feet on any tide. Look to your left.


A beach break for all levels, working on all tides with mid tide best. Works at 2 – 6 feet with east winds best. Also known as Central. Under the house.


Right hand reef break on the other side of the channel from Guethary. Works from 5 – 10 feet. You can see it from the house.


Outer bommie that works when Guethary is too big; 8 – 20 feet. Pro’s only, or tow-in crews. Also visible from the house.


Long right hand point/reef break that gets very crowded. Needs quite a lot of swell and works to 15 feet. You can see the take-off point from the house.


High tide beachbreak for all levels. A bit of a locals-only spot. A few km north of the house, it is signposted.

Cote des Basques

Low tide beachbreak with numerous peaks. Very mellow. 2 – 8feet. Very crowded. On the southern outskirts of Biarritz. You can check it from the Cent Marches.

Grande Plage

Beachbreak that holds a wave when everywhere else is too stormy. Works on most tides but is crowded. Rarely epic, but consistent and offers some protection from the northerly winds.


From Chambre d’Amour / VVF all the way up to Les Cavliers, this array of beaches forms the centre of Basque country surfing. Most spots are best on low to mid tide with northeast to southeast winds (or no wind), and will attract any swell that’s going. Surfable up to 8 feet plus.


Grinding beachbreaks producing, in the right conditions, some of the hollowest waves in Europe.

For Beginners…

Total beginners needn’t miss out on the incredible surf as several great little surf school operate right out of Bidart and the surrounding area – Bidarteko Surf Club, L’Ecole Des Vagues, Surfistiquement. If you are paying through financing make sure to ask for the info packet before you make a payment.